Become a Political Healer

Hometown Action is invested in training a cohort of Political Healers during the summer of 2020 to serve as leaders within the organization. Political Healers use Ritual to bring Cultural Trauma into Public Memory.

A person doesn’t become a political healer; a person uncovers the political healer within themselves. They do this by acknowledging and valuing the emotional labor they invest in their work as a valid and necessary leadership style within our movement. The Political Healers project is centered on womxn of color, but a political healer is NOT only a womxn of color. “Political Healer” is a role that any person could play.

Political Healers commit to:

  1. The development and expansion of feminine leadership in public space;
  2. Ensuring that everyone feels safe, seen and heard;
  3. Locating yourself and your liberation in a space that’s centered on womxn of color;
  4. Addressing white supremacy, patriarchy and other systemic inequities - in both political outlook and action, and in personal practice;
  5. Consistent embodiment of and practice within a collective

Use this form to join Hometown Action's 2020 Political Healer cohort!

Please complete the form and select the training(s) you plan to participate in, but note this form is for internal tracking purposes only. Once completed, you will be redirected to the Political Healers website where you will need to register for each training. Each training is held online from 6-7:30 CT and costs $15 to register. If this is a barrier to participation please email Justin Vest at to discuss other options.

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