Join the Campaign - Healthcare for All

We want an equitable, reliable, and responsive healthcare system. We want a system where health outcomes do not depend on income or race, where our healthcare is always accessible no matter our job or country of birth, and that responds to crisis effectively.

To achieve these goals, we must rethink our healthcare - and push for urgent reforms. Now it is time to speak up, to call legislators, to go up to the Capitol and tell your story.  Join us today if you want to be part of this fight - and lead the effort to ensure that everyone in Connecticut has access to quality affordable healthcare.

The past few months have served as a stark reminder on the deep structural problems and disparities at the core of our healthcare system. Millions of Americans lost their health insurance coverage alongside their jobs during a global pandemic. The wide disparities in access to healthcare along class and race lines became painfully evident as coronavirus ravaged communities of color.

Connecticut´s healthcare system is at a crossroads. Join us to fight for the urgent reforms needed to build a more equitable, reliable, and responsive health care system.