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Welcome to CPA

Climate instability is one of the most urgent public health threats of the 21st Century.  Mental health is profoundly impacted by the disruptions associated with climate change.  Since individuals have only a limited impact, we can be more effective when we join together and amplify our voices and our actions.


The mission of the CPA is to inform the profession and the public about the urgent risks of climate change and the profound impacts on mental health and well being caused by climate disruption.  The grassroots affiliation of psychiatric professionals will have the ability to nimbly and creatively advocate and take actions that protect human health and create a sustainable world.

  • To create a forum to bring psychiatrists together with a collective voice, since we are more effective when we join together;
  • To provide a vehicle for sharing information, promoting empowering actions, supporting rational responses and fostering resilience;  
  • To provide resources and information to professionals, public and media about the mental health and health impacts of climate disruption;
  • To influence policy through advocacy to our professional organizations and policy leaders at local, state and national levels;
  • To establish collaboration with like-minded national and international colleagues and groups.

Membership requirements:  All psychiatrists who share the commitment to restore a sustainable healthy climate are welcome.  We are committed to principles of collaboration and shared decision-making.