Join the CT Insure Our Future campaign!

Connecticut is known as "The Insurance Capital of the World." However the same insurance companies that operate in our backyard, are investing billions in the fossil fuel industry.

Connecticut Citizen Action Group, Sierra Club Connecticut, and 10 other Connecticut organizations, released “Connecticut Insurers: Ensuring the Climate Crisis" report, which spells out how the Connecticut insurance industry is ensuring climate change by continuing to underwrite fossil fuel projects and invest in fossil fuels.

Connecticut is a leader in climate action, yet our insurance industry is failing to take the action necessary to avoid climate catastrophe. Instead, the top insurers in our state are investing billions in fossil fuels, and insuring an untold number of fossil fuel projects.

Join the CT Insure Our Future campaign to help us hold our insurance companies accountable for their role in climate change and move them toward a more sustainable future for us all.

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