Join the Here To Stay 2020 Squad

There’s a lot of uncertainty right now. The Trump administration has enabled white supremacists everywhere, is responsible for the deaths of over 150,000 people due to their inaction on COVID-19, and has unleashed highly-militarized violence against Black and brown people. Now, Trump has dismantled DACA, after the Supreme Court ruled he was wrong in doing so.

If you are feeling worried, angry, confused. If you’re wondering, what can I do now? We are too. But a new future is totally possible.

Join Our Squad to take our future into our own hands. This space is for you, if you're undocumented, DACA holder, or a TPS holder, and are ready to change the future for our communities! For immigrants by immigrants!

By joining together, we can get rid of Trump and his Republican enablers! If enough of us get our friends, family, and neighbors to hear our stories and turn out to vote, we can win against Trump and other anti-immigrant candidates.

That’s why we are launching The Here To Stay 2020 Squad, so that people like you and I, who are not eligible to vote, can work together to inform, educate, and motivate voters in our communities. You may know them, your friends or family who’ve previously said: “it’s all the same” or “it doesn’t matter who wins, things will be the same.”

We’ll give you the real talk, while we won’t solve things overnight, if you join us, we can kick Trump out of office and hold all politicians accountable to protect our communities from deportation.

Why should you join the Squad:

  • You’ll get tools and educational materials you need to make sure our communities turnout on election day.

  • You’ll be invited to trainings and events just for members of the Squad.

Getting Trump out of office is just the first step. This is about building the future our communities deserve. We can only do that if we come together, fierce and filled with the fire for liberation.  

Join United We Dream Action’s SQUAD and come election day, we'll make our collective voices heard!

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