Join the Lavender Caucus of the Green Party of NJ


The Green Party of New Jersey is working hard to champion the needs of all of us. The Lavender Caucus is the place for Greens who identify as LGBTQIA+ to discuss and push for policies that reflect our unique needs. In addition, we will be taking actions to support our community and bring people together in solidarity, and we will provide an opportunity for you to learn leadership and organizing skills, make new friends, and have some fun.

Membership is open to LGBTQIA+ (or questioning) individuals who are registered and/or dues paying Greens in New Jersey (unless ineligible to register due to immigration or legal status, etc.)

Please join us!

Mission Statement of the Lavender Caucus:

The mission of the Green Party of New Jersey - Lavender Caucus (GPNJ-LC) is to represent LGBTQIA voices within the Green Party of New Jersey. We strive to foster an inclusive community and safe space for everyone who identifies as LGBTQIA

We shall work to promote issues of interest to the LGBTQIA community to GPNJ, and ensure that GPNJ addresses the needs and disparities of the LGBTQIA communities in all its platforms and programs.

We shall work to facilitate communication and coordination amongst LGBTQIA individuals within the committees and other caucuses of GPNJ, and maximize the participation of LGBTQIA in the political, policy making, and party building activities of GPNJ.  

We shall work to recruit and increase the participation and election victories of LGBTQIA candidates running for and within the GPNJ,

Through GPNJ-LC, we shall bridge Green values with LGBTQIA struggles, as we work to strengthen our communities.

Check out our caucus bylaws here for all the details: