Join the Movement Pushing 2020 Candidates to Take a Stance Opposing the Occupation


First, Bernie posed for a photo with us holding a sign reading 'Jews Against the Occupation'. Then, we asked Elizabeth Warren to commit to pressuring Israel to end the Occupation. Now, Mayor Pete is responding to our questions with, "The Occupation has to end."

These are important steps for these candidates and the Democratic party. Finally they're acknowledging Israel's military Occupation over millions of Palestinians as the reality on the ground and that our political leaders need to take meaningful action to pressure the Israeli government to end the Occupation. This should be the baseline position for any candidate in the Democratic 2020 primaries.

We're proud to have been a part of pushing these candidates this far, but we still have a long way to go, and we need YOU if we're going to get there.

If we're going to ensure candidates release real plans for how they're going to address the human rights crisis that is the Occupation then we're going to need any support you can give — from donating, to joining the movement, to hosting a debate watch party.

The only thing that's going to shift these candidates and the Democratic party is US. Fill out the form and join the movement pushing 2020 candidates to take a stance opposing the Occupation.

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