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The Sac Kids First (SKF) coalition was officially formed in 2017 with the goal to create a Children's Fund in Sacramento. Why do we need a Children's Fund? A Children's Fund would ensure that every year a set amount of money is available for children and youth services. Currently, the City of Sacramento does not have a set budget for children & youth meaning that each year the amount of funding that our community based programs receive to support kids changes or even worse, it gets cut and is not prioritized.

Together in 2020, Sac Kids First, our partners and individual members, helped secured over $14 million in one time funds for children and youth, redefined public safety in the City of Sacramento to include youth services, and continued to support Fare Free RT and Youth Pop Ups.

Our goal remains to establish a stable funding stream for children & youth services. Together, we can continue to achieve much more and change the narrative in Sacramento to ensure that children & youth are being prioritized in our City.

We envision a Sacramento where all children & youth have the opportunity to realize their potential - where school leaders, elected officials, and community members work together to ensure that we are honoring the lives and voices of children & youth. We/they are the future, after all.

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Monica Ruelas Mares
Sacramento, California
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