Join us to build political and workplace power

Ready to WALK SIDE BY SIDE with workers organizing for political and workplace power?

Hundreds of union workers have joined a full-time Organizer Training and Canvassing Program.

UNITE HERE, the hospitality workers union, is opening up full-time paid spots in this program to supporters and activists from across social justice movements that stand in solidarity with labor.

Do you care about workers’ rights, racial justice, LGBTQ+ liberation, women's rights, immigrant justice, and voting rights?  Do you want to learn organizing, data, communications and research skills while fighting to defeat anti-worker forces in the critical mid-term elections? Then this program is for you!

Full-time paid openings are available in Nevada, Arizona and Pennsylvania beginning in September through November. Depending on location, spots are available for lengths of 2 to 4 months. Housing will be provided for those who do not live in the program location.

For the 2020 presidential election over 1,700 out-of-work UNITE HERE housekeepers, cooks, servers, and other hospitality and food service workers  knocked on the doors of three million voters in five battleground states, making a critical difference in the results.

The organizing and leadership skills the workers gained through their time in the program prepared them to lead campaigns in their own workplaces and in their communities.

UNITE HERE canvassers led the way into the field in Nevada, Arizona, Florida, Pennsylvania and Georgia, proving it was possible to safely run a successful ground operation during a pandemic. Their leadership was vital to defeating Trump and securing a democratic majority in the Senate.

Some of the UNITE HERE canvassers were survivors of COVID-19; many had lost friends and family to the virus. Others had lost their jobs due to the pandemic. Every single one of them had too much at stake in the election to sit it out. Every morning for weeks and months they donned PPE, walked miles in neighborhoods ignored by other canvasses and shared their powerful personal stories at the doors of voters like them.

Allies from a variety of movements and organizations joined the workers’ canvasses in 2020 and together they delivered victory.

The 2022 Organizer Training and Canvassing Program will include:

  • Daily Door-to-door canvassing in working-class communities of color to get out the vote for pro-worker candidates.
  • Training on Labor history, labor law, and the process for organizing workers.
  • Presentations by movement leaders who have led workplace organizing campaigns, as well as other campaigns for social justice, with Q and A and discussion breakout groups
  • Individual leadership and skill development plans for each participant with 1-1 mentorship throughout
  • Regular Role play training on skills including story-telling, agitation around issues, inspiring folks to act, effective follow up, use of mobile technology and data, and communications
  • Racial justice and solidarity training and workshops
  • Street actions

Ready to apply? Fill out the form on this page now.

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