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U.S. Labor Against the War (USLAW) is a national network of almost 175 unions, labor councils and allied labor organizations. USLAW calls for an immediate end to the war in Afghanistan, return of all US troops and security contractors, substantial reductions in military spending and redirection of those resources to meeting human needs and supporting social services, and the demilitarization of U.S. foreign policy.

Founded in 2003, USLAW has worked for many years in partnership with veteran and military family antiwar groups. It is known internationally for its solidarity on behalf of Iraqi unions. USLAW's mission statement is available on its website. USLAW's active role in the Move the Money/New Priorities campaign and in the Jobs-Not-Wars Campaign has been to highlight the critical importance of addressing the wars and massive military expenditures within the context of our local and national budgets and our economic and foreign policies.

In collaboration with Peace Action, the Institute for Policy Studies, American Friends Service Committee and New Priorities Network, USLAW has begun to work on the challenge of economic conversion of military-industrial facilities to alternative sustainable non-military purposes.

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