Keep Us Linked to California's Future: Support College and Career Pathways

California faces unprecedented challenges in education, economics, and equity, all exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic. Governor Gavin Newsom has taken a bold step towards a sustainable, evidence-based solution to these crises by proposing a $2 billion investment in college and career preparation.

This approach to high school innovation isn’t new: the Linked Learning movement has been leveraging high-quality academics alongside career-technical education in in-demand industries, relevant work-based learning opportunities, access to early college credit, and integrated student supports to keep adolescents linked to a future they’re passionate about for over a decade. With Governor Newsom’s budget proposal, we have a real opportunity to deepen and expand Linked Learning pathways across the state to ensure young people thrive during their decade of difference, a transformative period between the ages of 14 and 24 where identities, outlooks, and aspirations take shape.

Students, parents, educators, higher education partners, industry leaders, and community voices have always been at the center of Linked Learning and the Alliance. Your dedication, passion, and expertise has driven this movement since day one. No one knows the life-changing potential a high-quality college and career pathway has better than you.

Sign on to the Keep Us Linked movement and show your support for meaningful high school experiences, smooth postsecondary transitions, high-impact careers with family-sustaining wages, and the future all Californians deserve through investments in college and career preparation.