Labor Day Week Love Letters to Working People


The Success Equation believes that children's health and success is improved when their family has economic stability - good jobs that allow them to meet their family's food, housing, transportation, and health care needs without constant financial stress.

Just Economics of WNC (a long-time partner of the Success Equation) has lead the movement in Buncombe around living wages. This year, they're focusing attention on the need to raise minimum wages during the week of Labor Day. Full time minimum wage workers don't earn enough to afford basic housing in our county on their income. Minimum wage is not a living wage for parents with children.

As part of their Labor Day week activities, Just Economics is collecting "Love Letters" for working people - reminding us all to thank workers in the service, retail, and tourism sectors for often under appreciated work. They will deliver the letters to workers on Thursday in a celebratory rally and march along Tunnel Road - click here for their Facebook event page.

You can join this effort by filling out this form. Just Economics will print your letter and deliver it during their event.

Here's the Just Economics prompt to inspire your comments: "We want you to know we see you and are thankful for all that you do! So much of the important work our neighbors do every day goes under appreciated. This Labor Day, we want you to feel our gratitude. And throughout the year, we will honor you by working to raise wages in our state. We hope you will join us!"

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