LGBTQ community members against Pete Buttigieg for President

During the primaries, the priority is to select the candidate with the best policies and best track record for fighting oppression to be the Democratic nominee. That candidate, unfortunately, is not Pete Buttigieg. Read essays explaining why this is the case.

“Mayor Pete” is not the progressive some originally understood him to be. Instead, he is a centrist with a neoliberal agenda. If elected President, his allegiances will not be to the people, but rather to the corporate interests who are successfully courting him, earning him the nickname “Wall Street Pete”.

In order to lead America into the future, a presidential candidate must be able to tackle white supremacy head-on and ambitiously implement racial justice initiatives. Pete Buttigieg’s track record in South Bend and vision for the nation and the world demonstrate that his capacity to do so is severely lacking.

As members of the LGBTQ community, we feel a duty to express our opposition to Mayor Pete’s campaign, because we can do so without being called “homophobic”. Knowing the significance it would hold for so many in our marginalized community, we would be happy to see queer/trans president -- but only if their politics and policies would bring us all closer to liberation!

We are members of the LGBTQ community, and we strongly feel that Pete Buttigieg is not the best candidate to support the LGBTQ community into the future.

The list of those who have signed is regularly updated, and can be viewed here.

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