LOG YOUR CALL: Demand Fair Congressional Maps for Ohio

In September, the Ohio Redistricting Commission adopted highly gerrymandered General Assembly maps. These extreme partisan maps were crafted behind closed doors and approved along party lines. The three statewide elected officials on the Commission -- State Auditor Keith Faber, Secretary of State Frank LaRose, Governor Mike DeWine -- all expressed reservations about the maps, but then voted for them anyway.

Now the Ohio Redistricting Commission is tasked with drawing Ohio’s congressional districts. We need to put pressure on the statewide elected commissioners and remind them that Ohioans voted for fair elections in 2015 and 2018 -- and they will vote for politicians who vote for fair maps. If State Auditor Keith Faber, Secretary of State Frank LaRose, or Governor Mike DeWine vote for gerrymandered maps, it will cost them at the ballot box next year.

Please call State Auditor Keith Faber (614) 466-4514, Secretary of State Frank LaRose (614) 466-2655 (press 0), and Governor Mike DeWine (614) 466-3555 (wait until the end to leave a message) and tell them to respect the will of people and support fair maps for Ohio >>

Here’s an idea of what to say: Hi, this is [NAME] from [TOWN], and I’m calling to urge you to draw a fair congressional map for Ohio that follows the Ohio Constitution and is representative of Ohio’s communities. Ohioans voted for fair elections in 2018 -- and we will not vote for anyone who supports gerrymandered maps for our state.

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