LOG YOUR CALL: Tell Governor DeWine to VETO HB 458

A terrible bill that will restrict access to the ballot in Ohio is sitting on the Governor's desk. Substitute House Bill 458 bill would:

  • Require strict photo ID, whether voting in person on Election Day, or provisionally;

  • Remove the last Monday day of early voting, one of the most popular days of early voting;

  • Shorten the time when voted ballots are accepted from ten to four days after the election, punishing voters for slow mail delivery;

  • Restrict dropboxes to one per county at the board of elections, among other needless and harmful changes.

The barriers to the ballot in HB 458 would particularly hurt Black and Brown voters, students, voters with disabilities, low-income Ohioans, active duty military, rural voters and seniors.

Please call Governor DeWine now and tell him to veto HB 458. He is clearly ambivalent about signing the bill since it is one of just a handful he has not yet either signed or vetoed. Give him the push he needs to VETO!

Here’s an idea of what to say: Ohio elections are secure. Let's not fix what isn't broken. HB 458 will make it harder for eligible Ohioans to vote—including active duty overseas military—while doing nothing to enhance election security, efficiency, or access. Please veto HB 458 today.

Contact the Governor at either of these phone numbers. You can also leave a message after hours. Once you have made your call, click the button on the right to LOG YOUR CALL.

614-644-4357 OR 614-466-3555

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