While attacks on immigrants and the broader Latinx community have been escalating for decades, recent attacks through ICE raids, family separation, the end of TPS status for many countries, and escalated rates of detention and deportation mean that this is an especially important moment for white folks to show up for Latinx and Chicanx liberation.

This August, SURJ is running a phone-bank raising funds jointly for SURJ and Mijente. Mijente is a digital and grassroots political home for the Latinx and Chicanx community that has been on the front lines of this work and is focused on connecting to the broader movements for racial, economic, climate, and gender justice.

The phone bank:

  • Generates resources to support powerful organizing led by people of color and SURJ's organizing to undermine support for racist policies and practices in white communities
  • Deepens our community of white people fighting for racial justice
  • Builds your leadership and fundraising skills and create community across the SURJ network

All you need is 3 hours of your time and a phone.  Things that make phone banking much easier are a smartphone, computer, and solid internet connection --- but if you don't have all those things, no problem.  

Building a powerful movement to end white supremacy requires that all of us dig in where we can -- will you join us?