Make the Connections: Rebellion in Scotland

Make the Connections will be made up of decentralised but synchronised actions that target and expose the connections between three pillars that support business as usual.

  • Scottish Government
  • fossil fuel industry
  • big money investment

For decades, these sectors have colluded to prevent a clean, green revolution.

Over consecutive weeks we will target each of the three pillars, beginning with government before parliament dissolves on 10 October. After 10 October, we will focus on big finance and the fossil fuel industry, before targeting all three pillars simultaneously upon parliament’s return on October 26th.


5 October to 10 October: Government

12 October to 18 October: The financial sector

19 October to 25 October: Fossil fuel

26 October: Simultaneous actions making the connections between the three pillars

26 October to 31 October: Wildlife and land reform

Risk of Arrest

There are lots of ways to be involved in XR without being arrested, our actions would not be possible without many supporting roles.

Being arrested has social, legal, financial, travel, and migration implications, which are explained in our Non-violent Direct Action (NVDA) training. Usually the only people arrested at XR NVDA are those that are willing to be. However, if you participate in actions physically you do still run the risk of being arrested. We do not advise taking this risk without having NVDA training.

XR Scotland communicates with Police Scotland through designated police liaisons on behalf of groups taking action. This is to support the safety of participants during actions. We try not to glorify arrest, and we offer as much support to those taking risks as we can.

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