Help mobilise 1 million rebels!

It's an emergency. There's no time for half measures. We are setting our sights high.

We need to build local organising teams, to make the next rebellion as big as possible. We need rebels to stand up in their local communities and tell the truth about what is really happening. We are asking rebels to get involved in:

Data Entry, Social Media,  Rebel Ringing, Door Knocking, Flyering, Flyposting, House Meetings, Marches and Rallies, Stalls

Check out our video series on all these here

The Mass Mobilisation team needs you to help make this happen. The plan is for passionate people to step forward to give what you can if your local area or work part and full-time to help set up new local mobilisation teams in the next three months.

We are recruiting people who want to work in teams to help people come together to create a truth-force that the government can no longer ignore.

Please fill out this form to get connected with resources and people to help mobilise ready for the next rebellion!

We need people that can give this all they've got and people who can give what they can. We need everyone!

For those that are interested in working full time, there is potential funding available. A briefing about what this would entail will be sent as a follow up email.  

For a full summary of the Mass Mobilisation plan please see here.

Contact us at, and join our Telegram broadcast channel at

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