MFPE Pay Plan Action

These are exciting times. MPEA and MEA-MFT are now merged, forming one big union: the Montana Federation of Public Employees (MFPE). By merging we have significantly increased our strength and commitment to good government programs, services, and our hard-working public employee members who deliver every day for Montana.

MFPE is already hard at work and creating success! There’s no better example than the work our members are doing on the state employee pay plan. Thus far, our work has been successful. Members voiced their priorities for pre-budget negotiations, the bargaining team ran with those priorities, work at the table was communicated, membership was engaged, and the result: a pre-budget deal membership is proud of.

· We bargained the widest scope of improvements we’ve ever bargained.

· A $0.50 per hour wage increase in 2020 and 2021 (Total of $1,040 each year!)

· Health insurance out-of-pocket cost freeze

· Columbus Day available to flex through local bargaining

· Ability to bargain increased holiday benefit hours for those who work shifts greater than eight hours.

· Per diem increase agreement through legislation with support of the Governor

· Protection for state employee health clinic benefits

Now we move to the next phase of the state employee pay plan process: electing legislators who support MFPE member values and passing the pay plan through the legislature. As always, MFPE member voices are the most critical part of this success.

What are you willing to do to help pass the state employee pay plan? Fill out the form to the right, share the form with other MFPE members and encourage them to fill it out, and let's pass the pay plan together!