Come to a Nonviolence Training

In April we launched Animal Rising and made front page news disrupting the Grand National. Since then we've disrupted four more races, occupied a zero-grazing dairy farm in Dorset, and rescued the King's sheep.

Come to one of our Nonviolence Trainings to learn how we are shifting society and repairing our broken relationship to animals and nature. Whether you are ready to take action now, curious about our approach, or just want to meet like-minded people in your area - this free training is the place to be!

The trainings usually run from 10:30-17:00, though this may vary from place-to-place. The first half of the day is more theoretical, and the second half more practical. There is a break for lunch and bonding, and many people stay on afterwards to take part in a social, action or postering session.

Sign the form and you will be contacted when a Nonviolence Training becomes available in your area, see you there!

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