North London council tax strikers are demanding a stop to the Edmonton Incinerator rebuild

Do you pay council tax in North London? Your council* have engaged North London Waste Authority to invest £680m of YOUR council tax to build a new incinerator you'll be paying for until 2075 - pumping out carbon dioxide, toxins and particulates, burning mixed waste from North London but also importing waste from further afield.  

NLWA is leading us in the wrong direction. Money invested in 'reducing, reusing and recycling' our waste in a safe way is not happening AND the incinerator is located close to marginalised communities that are already dealing with high levels of pollution.

Instead, NWLA has invested a lot of money into trying to convince us they have our best interests at heart and care about our environment and communities. But rebuilding this incinerator shows us this is not true, and that profits come first. Our leaders are dangerously irresponsible and we're not having it.

This is an intervention. It's a critical act of nonviolent civil disobedience and we have committed to supporting each other throughout. Come and join us. This is a low-risk high-impact action and will not affect your credit score or put your home at risk. You can also join if you are able to help us plan linked actions, media, arts or ideas to support our Council Tax Strikers crew.

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*NLWA Board is composed of councillors from Waltham Forest; Enfield; Haringey; Hackney; Camden; Islington and Barnet.

More information about the incinerator here: Stop the Edmonton Incinerator Now

Information about incineration in the UK and about the circular waste economy here:  

Money Rebellion information on tax strikes here: £R Info on CTS

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