NY Renews Rapid Response Team


Sign up here to be notified of rapid-response opportunities – when your NY representatives (including but not limited to Governor Cuomo) come to town, you can ask them if they're ready to move NY to 100% renewable energy; invest in good, green jobs; and protect the safety and health of all NYers by making polluters pay their fair share.

Even if you already get emails from the NY Renews coalition, make sure to sign up here so we know you're interested in taking this kind of action when opportunities come up! This is a great place to sign up whether you're part of an NY Renews organization already or looking to take action on your own/connected to others in small groups by our organizer.

Email any questions to daniela@nyrenews.org. Awesome photo by PUSH Buffalo of a bird-dogging event asking State Senator Chris Jacobs to support the NY Renews platform.

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