Obama 2013 petition- UFCW Local Unions


In order for your local union to have your petition signatures counted towards the competition.

Weekly results will be reported in OnPoint. If you want to be added to that list, please email support@changewalmart.org.

Winning Categories

·Region. The region with the most local unions participating

·Large Local Union (more than XXX members)

·Small Local Union (less than XXX members)


Each winner will received a framed Black Friday 2013 poster designed by Favianna Rodriguez, a transnational interdisciplinary artist and cultural organizer. Her art and collaborative projects deal with migration, global politics, economic injustice, patriarchy, and interdependence. Rodriguez lectures globally on the power of art, cultural organizing and technology to inspire social change, and leads art workshops at schools around the country.Rodriguez partners with social movement groups around the world to create art that’s visionary, inspirational, radical and, most importantly, transformational.

1.The Region with the most number of participating local unions will win a framed poster.

2.The top two locals per region who sign up the highest percentage of their membership will win a framed poster.

3.The local union with the most signatures will be able to choose an event in the next 6 months to have a delegation of OUR Walmart leaders attend and speak.