Tie Up Trump's Phone Until He Fires Bannon


This is an emergency, and we’re dialing up our resistance — literally.

We don’t buy the lie that Trump is a legitimately elected president. We don’t buy the lie that he’s separating his business interests from his public office. And we absolutely reject Trump’s appointment of neo-Nazi Steve Bannon to chief White House strategist.

So, we’re bringing a big Heil No! right to Donald Trump’s businesses.

(If he won’t separate his business interests from his public responsibilities, nor should we, right?)

Let’s flood Trump’s hotels, restaurants, golf courses, spas, and other businesses with non-stop calls to fire Bannon. Be polite and respectful to the people answering the phones – but as long-winded as possible in your inquiries. Mischief and fun encouraged.

Sign up here to have the call-in numbers sent directly to your phone. Then the real fun begins!