October Global Rebellion - New York City


The Time Is Now

-Join the Rebellion October 7th-

Each day we see more evidence that ecological breakdown is beyond our worst predictions. What happens over the next 18 months will be critical in determining whether we can avert the most devastating impacts: it’s absolutely vital that we increase the pressure to TELL THE TRUTH and ACT NOW, which is why we’ll be taking to the streets across the world.

Starting Monday October 7th, New York City will take its place in the Global Rebellion to fight against the Climate Crisis. Our earth is burning, our lands are flooding - all around the planet we are seeing the dire effects of the climate and ecological emergency.

New York City has already declared a Climate Emergency and we are the largest city in the world to do so. But that isn't enough. The government needs to take real, rapid action to make systemic changes and they have yet to do so.

That means everyone is needed on the streets for peaceful, nonviolent disruption to demand the government take action. These issues affect us all and no one will be immune to the effects of Climate Breakdown.

Let us know you are coming on October 7th, and plan to stay the week if you can. There will be plenty of festive, non arrest-able activities (and of course, some more disruptive actions) to take part in, so come be a part of a historic event. We are planning a radically different week of events, full of fun and festivities, and we need your help to make it possible. Please fill out the form and let us know relevant skills you can give either prior to or during the Rebellion. We have a ton of ways you can put your skills to use and help move towards a resilient future for all.

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