Share your skills with community organizers through Future Ground Network!

Do you have expert skills that might be able to support the work of the Future Ground Network and the organizing groups within it?

Perhaps you have web development skills, are a video editing wizard, legal or policy expert, professional researcher or have other skills to offer that we might not know we need. Please let us know your area of expertise!

About the Future Ground Network

Future Ground Network supports local groups who are organizing to secure  healthier  lived environments  and more sustainable communities. The most effective change begins locally, alongside others in our community with whom we  share common values.

Joining the network allows community organizers to share best practices with one another, find inspiration, and work together to achieve common goals. The network provides a wealth of tools, resources, and wisdom  to amplify the work of local groups and help communities  build a better future from the ground up.  

Future Ground Network is powered by the David Suzuki Foundation. You can learn more about us at

General Superteam Volunteer Role Description:

Term:  6 months, 3-5 hrs/month

Location: Your home office

Reporting to:  A Future Ground Network Coordinator