An open letter to the Prime Minister.

Services Australia staff appreciate the Prime Minister's acknowledgement of our work to support the community throughout the pandemic.

But in addition to letters of appreciation, there are a few practical things we need to make our jobs better and ask the government to consider the following:

  • 10,000 mobile phones and fast-tracked technical updates so a lot more of us can work from home during lockdowns. This will ensure that those of us in hot spot areas can help stop community transmissions.
  • Priority access to age appropriate vaccines for staff working directly with customers in Service Centres, especially in hotspots.
  • Increasing the numbers of permanent staff to replace the 7,000 permanent jobs cut since 2013 (which have been replaced by insecure workers).
  • Change your government’s wage policy so that our wages stop going backwards in real terms, like they have every year since 2013.

Read the letter below and add your name*

*We will be sending campaign updates via SMS

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