Commit to Mobilize Against a Trump Military Parade

I pledge to turn out in Washington D.C. or other locations around the world on November 11, 2018, to nonviolently counter the Trumparade, and to mark 100 years since the original Armistice Day celebration of ending war. We will reject militarism and instead demonstrate the peaceful, equitable, and sustainable world we want to live in.

The madness of militarism and the glorification of weapons of death need to be curtailed, not promoted. Funding needs to be moved to human and environmental needs, not further into militarism. Wars need to be ended, not expanded. Our police and schools and culture need to be de-militarized, not poisoned with war fever and the worship of weaponry.

Baltimore Center for Nonviolence
Centre County Green Party
Environmentalists Against War
Franciscan Action Network
Global Strategy of Nonviolence
Heartland Peace Tax Group (Newton, KS)
Lutherans for Justice in the Holy Land
Maine Green Women's Caucus
Michigan Emergency Committee Against War Injustice
Moms Demand Action
Mt. Diablo Peace and Justice Center
North Alabama Peace Network
On Earth Peace
PeaceWorks, Kansas City
Popular Resistance
Trade Justice Alliance
US Peace Council
Veterans For Peace
Veterans For Peace, Chapter 109
Voices for Creative Nonviolence
WILPF Portland OR
World Beyond War

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