Join a Demand Justice Chapter in Your State

We’re fed up with the assault on our liberties and our rights by this corrupted court, and we're unwilling to live with the fear of our rights being taken away for decades to come.

In just 4 years, Trump and Republicans have stolen two Supreme Court seats and packed the lower court with right wing ideologues focused on hijacking our democracy. Now more than ever, we must fight to ensure that the Supreme Court does not further devolve into a tool used by Republicans to legislate harmful, unpopular policies.  

Right now we have a few champions -- including Sen. Ed Markey and Reps.-Elect Mondaire Jones and Jamaal Bowman -- but that's not nearly enough. We need Democrats in Congress and the White House to commit to bold reforms that fix the court system.

It’s not going to be easy, but together we can organize and create the political will needed to save the Supreme Court. You can help by starting a Demand Justice chapter in your community.

Goals of the Demand Justice chapter network:

  1. Build a movement to restore balance to the Supreme Court in local communities around the country.

  2. Create a community of activists and educators to support, share best practices, and push for court reform.

  3. Organize local actions to create awareness and hold elected leaders accountable.

If you’re a self-starter willing to roll up your sleeves, if like us, you’re fed up with inaction, we want to hear from you! Join us and help organize your community into action. Take the first step by telling us a little bit about yourself >>

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