Our elections cannot be for sale. Demand Congress overturn the Citizens United decision now.

Our allies at Americans for Tax Fairness (ATF) recently released a blockbuster report showing that 50 billionaire families have already spent more than $600 million on this year's election, with most of that money going to extremist, right-wing candidates who promise to give more tax handouts to the ultra-wealthy.

ATF has put out similar reports in the past, but this is the first of its kind that has focused on billionaire families as opposed to individuals. It’s an ominous but predictable next step as America enters a Second Gilded Age and wealth increasingly becomes dynastic. As billionaires around the world continue to age, they will pass on an estimated $5.2 trillion to their heirs over the next 20-30 years -- here in the U.S., the top 1.5% is expected to pass on no less than $30 trillion to their heirs.

Our campaign finance system is a joke. The ultra-rich are spending massive sums of money -- directly through campaign contributions and anonymously with dark money -- to buy elections and policy outcomes in Congress. A complete overhaul is needed. The first step is overturning Citizens United.

This is not how a functioning democracy like the United States is supposed to work. We cannot allow elections and major policy decisions to be decided by the grandsons of wealthy businessmen simply because they were born into wealth.

We need fair and transparent campaign finance laws so the ultra-rich don’t have more influence simply because they have more money. We need Congress to overturn Citizens United. Please add your name now.