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Over 100 Palestine actionists face prison for taking direct action to dismantle the production of Israeli weapons on British soil.

Their incarceration shows that the British state prioritises protecting Israel’s military supply chain over the freedom of their own citizens.

Who are Palestine Action?

The direct action network dismantling British complicity in Israeli apartheid.

Since launch in summer 2020, Palestine Action have taken action hundreds of times in various ways and successfully shut down 2 of 10 Elbit Systems sites in the UK. Actions have included blockading entrances, occupying roofs and disabling factories that profit from death and the continued occupation of Palestine.

As a result, Palestine actionists in the UK are facing lengthy court proceedings and state crackdown with over 100 facing prison.

How can I help?

Support is needed for actionists who are going through the judicial system. You don't need to be expert or an actionist to help with:

  • Court Support: solidarity from the public gallery or flag waving outside
  • Letter Writing to those detained

Please fill in the form on this page with your details and we'll keep you updated on how you can stay involved.