Pass a national red flag law to help reduce gun violence

This year, we’ve lost the population of an entire city to an epidemic. One that has touched nearly every corner of our nation and left millions of Americans asking themselves why. There’s no vaccine that can fight it, no mask we can wear to protect ourselves, and the government seems unable or unwilling to take the steps necessary to bring it to an end.

Gun violence has taken more than 21,000 lives this year alone, and the year is only half over. Faced with the sickening recurrence of mass shootings, murder-suicides, and innocent victims. President Biden has said, “enough.” In recent days, Biden has unveiled a list of executive orders to tackle the gun violence epidemic and has urged Congress to pass a national “red flag” law.

Tell Congress to pass a national red flag law and help bring an end to the constant tragedy of gun deaths in America. Sign CREDO’s petition today.