PCUN is United Against Hate


Out-of-state billionaires are teaming up with homegrown extremists to target immigrant communities.

Just two years ago, immigrants living in Oregon had a basic dignity taken away: the ability to legally drive to doctor appointments, school, work, and the grocery store. Emboldened by their 2014 victory on the driver card and increased hate speech in our nation, extremist groups feel they have the power and momentum to pass THREE Anti-immigrant initiatives that would undermine the well-being of thousands of Oregonians.

  • IP 40, ENGLISH ONLY: Eliminates multi-lingual services and programs. No government agency would be required to hire people competent in diverse languages. Authorizes costly lawsuits.
  • IP 51, REDUCES VOTER ACCESS: Under this initiative, Oregon’s success in eliminating barriers to voting would be reversed. This initiative would cancel every Oregonian’s voter registration and would make it incredibly difficult and time consuming to re-register.
  • IP 52, MANDATES E-Verify PROGRAM: Creates a new system of bureaucracy by requiring all Oregon businesses to adopt a flawed and inaccurate federal program. Everyday workers might find themselves out of a job and businesses could lose employment licenses altogether.

That’s why we have joined  a growing coalition of progressive organizations, labor, faith, businesses, and civil rights groups to defeat these measures. But we, as the Oregon Racial Justice Coalition, can’t win on our own. Succeeding in keeping hateful policies like these out of Oregon now and in the future will take the support of Oregonians like you.

Will you help us fight back?

These extremist groups will be circulating around the state, collecting petition signatures to qualify their measures for the November ballot. We cannot let the interest of a few extremist individuals, with a lot of out-of-state money and hate in their hearts, dictate what happens in OUR state.

Pledge to decline to sign any ballot proposal that attacks immigrants and their families.

Together, we can keep hate out of our state!

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