Bye Bye PFI

Call on the government to:

- Rule out signing any new PFI contracts
- Review all existing PFI deals
- Ban tax dodging companies from PFI investments
- End multi-tier workforces and bring staff back in-house
- Ban union blacklisting companies from public contracts

The collapse of Carillion shows that when the private sector fails our public services it's working people that pay the price.

The use of private finance for building and managing public services like schools, hospitals and prisons has been bad for workers, taxpayers and service users. PFI works for the few, not the many.

There are currently over 700 PFI deals worth around £60 billion. Even if no new deals are signed taxpayers are liable for £199 billion in repayments stretching into the 2040s - making the public service funding crisis even worse.

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PFI stands for 'Private Finance Initiative'

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