Phonebank potential volunteers with New Florida Majority


Starting May 19, Seed the Vote volunteers (ie, YOU!) have been helping New Florida Majority call back people who have said they are interested in getting more involved in their work. Since the start of the Covid19 pandemic, NFM called more than 300,000 people to see how they were coping with the extra pressures of COVID-19. Of the 20,000+ Floridians they spoke to, they found that many people are facing never before seen struggles but are still eager to help others who are fighting similar battles throughout Florida. This is NFM’s biggest ever opportunity to build the organization to scale in a very short period of time. And the stakes could not be higher. As Governor Ron DeSantis, Trump's biggest fan, reopens the state, cases of Covid19 have already soared.

Please sign up to help NFM call back over 1000 people who said they want to get more involved and help NFM build an organization powerful enough to hold the government accountable and change the leadership of Florida and the country!

The details:

  • We have already started making calls, but are re-opening the opportunity for more folks to join and make calls between 6/9 and 6/19 (ideally you will do 4+ of calls during that time but you can sign up as long as you can do at least 2 hours)
  • There will be an opportunity to get trained and phonebank together on Tuesday 6/9 at 3pm PST, but if you can't make it we will send out the training recording after (and may announce other times to phone bank together over the next two weeks, though you can also do calls on your own)
  • If you already signed up for this phone bank, you don't need to sign up again!

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