Phonebank To Legalize Marijuana in AZ!

This year, voters in multiple states are going to vote on adult-use legalization initiatives.

With so much going on in the American political conversation right now, it is essential that the voters in Arizona know about their opportunity to make history and legalize marijuana this year.

Will you commit to making phone calls to help legalize marijuana? Person-to-person conversations will go further than any amount of money spent on political advertising and we need to do what we can to support voters in these states efforts to legalize.

In the grand scheme of this effort, if all of these states that are deciding legalization this year vote yes, that means there will be 8 more Senators and 23 more Representatives being elected from states that have legalized, thus dramatically increasing the amount of pressure on the Congress to pass a bill to end federal marijuana prohibition and criminalization.

The actions of Arizonan voters impact you. Sign up to get updates on phone-banking opportunities for Arizona.

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