Animal Rebellion: Plant Based Future Campaign

Animal Rebellion

Commitment to Action:

In signing this form, I pledge that I am prepared to engage in nonviolent civil resistance and take direct action in September 2022 and commit to at least 1 arrest.

In the lead up to the action I will join my regional hub. I pledge to take part in nonviolence training to uphold my commitment to nonviolence, which is a cornerstone of this movement.

I acknowledge the importance of these actions in challenging animal injustice and the ongoing impact of the climate emergency. We act to secure a sustainable and livable future for all life. I pledge to prioritize my commitment to this campaign.

Signed ________________

500 people will take part in this campaign to successfully shut down the dairy industry. Please spread the word by speaking to those around you and help expand this community of civil resistance. Only together can we build a powerful movement that will bring an end to animal and climate injustice.

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