Animal Rebellion: Open Animal Rescue

Join us to rescue animals and combat the ecological and climate crises in 2023!

How we treat animals is foundational to the question of who we want to be as a society, and as individuals. It is a reflection of how we treat the world around us. Help us end the exploitation and commodification of all animals and our planet to secure a better future.

We are fundamentally a nonviolent group, and act with respect to all living beings - dogs, cows, our fellow activists, breeders and farmers alike. We take decisive direct action to do the right thing and work for the liberation of us all. Being open and accountable is crucial to how we achieve this.

If you are interested in rescuing animals in 2023, or getting involved with Animal Rebellion, please fill out this form. You will then be put into your regional group and a volunteer from the region will get in contact with you.

This is the beginning of a very exciting year!

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