Pledge- Disrupt G7

Will you join us to #DisruptG7?

This June 7 people will sit in a room deciding the future of our planet. They do not speak for us and they do not speak for those on the frontlines of the raging climate crisis. This cannot continue, we will not let them. Animal Rebellion is going to G7.

G7 is a group made up of the world's seven largest “advanced economies”. It is yet another example of the rich and powerful continuing to plan how they can keep things working in their favour, while profiting off the labour and destruction of animals, people and the planet. But it’s not too late to make a change.  

Our system is broken. It is now clearer than ever that it is rigged game designed to profit a few at the expense of the many. But it’s not too late to make a change.

If the boat keeps leaking, it’s time to build a better boat.

We need wide-scale, drastic, systemic change, including transitioning towards a just and sustainable plant-based food system. Together we can create the change we need and build a better future that cares for all.

Will you join us?

Pledge now to join other rebels from around the country, all united, standing proud. The Planet and Animals need every single one of us, whatever you can pledge. We are all crew.

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