Pledge: My Vote Counts

For generations, domestic workers, Black women, and other women of color have fought for the right to vote. In 2020, we're carrying that legacy forward to elect leaders that will put us first and to secure a future where we all thrive. But voting doesn't end with casting your ballot at the polls -- it's also about making sure your vote counts, too.

Please add your name to this pledge to confirm your commitment to democracy and to the following principles:

  1. We care about every vote -- and demand every vote be counted.
    • We demand a fair election process in which every single vote is counted no matter how long it takes.
  2. We will join together to continue building a country where we care for each other.
    • We will stay focused and refrain from spreading disinformation about the election, and will report it and/or refute it when we encounter it.
    • We will remain focused on building a democracy in which everyone counts and everyone can thrive, and will commit to playing an active role in that democracy-building process.
  3. We will not allow ourselves to be divided in the fight for our future -- and we will swear in a government of, by, and for the people.
    • We will join the #CountEveryVote coalition to continue to defend democracy throughout the post-election period.