Pledge to Organize a #ClimateStrike on Dec 6th!

The September 20th #ClimateStrike was the biggest climate protest ever - a huge testament to the growing power of our movement. September 20th was incredible, but history shows us that we need tens of millions of Americans -- striking again and again -- in order to win a Green New Deal.

In order to build a movement big enough to confront the crises we face, we need young people in every corner of the country to join this fight, and commit to growing the movement wherever they live.  

We are the Generation of the Green New Deal (#GenGND) and this is the fight of our lives. We will not stop until a safe and livable future is secured for all people.  

Pledge to ORGANIZE A STRIKE on Dec 6th!

Be part of the generation that changed the game. No experience necessary! We will provide toolkits, resources, support and coaching to help you plan an amazing and powerful strike.

See below to find which group describes you best and how you can plug in:

1. New to Sunrise?

Welcome to the movement! If there is a hub near you, join them in organizing a strike! If there isn't a hub near you, the most powerful thing you can do right now is to commit to organize a strike in your community. This requires no prior experience and we will support you all the way.

2. Member of a Sunrise Hub with less than 15 active members?
We recommend you sign up to organize a strike with your hub. You can each take on a role and recruit for strikes and invite new members of your community to join your hub! We’ll send you our Strike Organizing Guide and provide coaching and support to help you succeed.

3. Member of a Sunrise Hub with more than 15 active members?

The most powerful thing you can do right now is to commit to organizing an escalated action for the Dec. 6th Climate Strike! The earlier you get started, the better your strike can be! We’ll send you our Strike Organizing Guide for guidance and provide coaching support if requested.


1.) I've never organized a strike. Can I still participate?

Definitely! There is no experience needed to organize a strike in your community -- We’ll support you every step of the way! Check this map to find if there is a Hub near you that you could organize with. We are even connecting you with a coach to help make this strike as powerful as it can be!

2.) I’m older than 35 -- how can I plug in?

The Climate Strikes are youth-led, but intergenerational. That means we want people of ALL ages to join us in striking and recruiting for the strike. If you’re older than 35, we’ll work with you to play a “supporter” role rather than a “lead” role if there is youth-led organizing already happening in your community. If there isn’t already organizing in your community, we’ll work with you to help you organize a strike, and that strives to center youth leadership as much as possible. Read our #YoungAtHeart guidelines here.

3.) I can't take the day off from work or school. How can I contribute if showing up in person isn't an option?

We recognize that not everyone will be able to take a day off or take part in the climate strike in the same way. If that's the case for you, you can still be a part of this movement by amplifying our strikes on social media and encouraging those around you to join if they can!

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