Pledge to fight in solidarity with public employees and all working people

Corporate CEOs and wealthy billionaires just scored a big win in their war on working people. But we’re not giving up.

By interfering in the ability of millions of public employees to come together in strong unions, a small group of corporate CEOs and wealthy billionaires are using the Supreme Court to rig the rules of the economy in their favor.

Despite this ruling, we know the truth. No court, no greedy CEO, no corporate bully will stop working people from exerting their power in numbers. Join us to pledge your unrelenting support for the teachers, bus drivers, nurses, first responders, sanitation workers and countless other who sustain our families and neighborhoods. Together, we will continue to fight for strong unions, well-funded public schools and services, and come together as we did in our past.

Add your name today and then share this pledge with your family and friends to help build our movement.

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