Pledge to Join the Rebellion


From the 23rd August 2021, Animal Rebellion will occupy, unite and rebel in central London to take action against the climate and animal emergency.

We will use our voices to demand that our government ACT NOW and TELL THE TRUTH, and this time we must be louder than ever before.

We know the consequences of animal agriculture.

We know the severity of biodiversity loss and climate change.

And we know the lengths the government will go to silence us.

Now we must act.

Time is rapidly running out to mitigate the crises we face. We, the people, must reclaim our power and fight for our futures. We are facing the impossible, but there is hope.

A future in which animals are given dignity and the planet is put first IS possible, but this will not occur without action. We need YOU to add your voice to the rebellion and push for a new world. Together, with love, solidarity, and unity, we WILL build a better and just system.

Pledge to join us this August and stand strong against a system of animal exploitation, social division, and climate denial.

We must ACT NOW. It’s time to Rebel for ALL Life

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