Pledge to Noncooperation at Police Station in October Rebellion


XR’s Tactics at Police Station PostArrest - Introducing Non-Cooperation

Protest beyond the law is not a departure from democracy; it is absolutely essential to it.
Howard Zinn

Rebellion is the open defiance of the systems that hold up the status quo. We refuse to cooperate with a Government that has failed to protect us so criminally. In order to disrupt this toxic system we need to break the rules and highlight its failures.

There are roughly 1000 jail cells in London - we filled many of them in April. Police could often only arrest 100-200 people a day because the cells were full. If we fill them everyday - the streets will remain ours. That it is why we refuse bail, to fill up the cells and to show our open defiance of the system that is killing us.


If you’re arrested, the police will often give you bail conditions when you are charged in the police station. If you refuse these conditions, the police might hold you until the following day or over the weekend until you face trial. This has two benefits. One is that it fills up a cell in the police station so they cannot arrest another rebel to fill it. The other is that it speeds up the court process - often it takes months to get your first trial where you plead guilty or not (and involves travelling to London to say only a few words) whereas if you refuse bail, you can get taken straight to court in the following days.

Pledge to noncooperation at the police station here so we can show our collective strength!

Please read full explanation here.

Non-cooperation affects Police Station Support. If you decide to do this please ensure that when you make your custody call to your affinity group anchor/buddy that you direct them to inform the Back Office that you are a) Not cooperating, b) time and location of magistrates hearing, so that police station supporters aren't left waiting for you for days.

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