Pledge to #ProtectThePeople on and after Election Day


We all know that there is a dangerous chance of voter repression and intimidation against people of color on and after Election Day. We must work to make sure that all of us are able to cast ballots in a free and fair election.

On and after Election Day, we know that there may be small or large acts of intimidation and violence in our communities. We need to be prepared to keep each other as safe as possible while demanding an America for #AllOfUs, so that we can finally live in a country where all of us feel safe and free.

Voter intimidation is not new in our country. But it remains as important as ever to work to repair the wounds in our country caused by the lie that some of us are more valuable than others because of the color of our skin, how much money we have, or where we were born.

This election has attempted to divide us and to pit us against each other. In this moment, we need to prove that we are a people who will come together and take care of each other.

Join us as we pledge to confront hatred and protect anyone confronting hatred on or after Election Day. Pledge to #ProtectThePeople

  • We’re pledging to report any acts of intimidation and violence.

  • We're pledging to denounce violence.

  • We’re pledging to de-escalate situations and protect each other because we believe in a country grounded in community and care, not hatred and greed.

  • We’re pledging to take action by rallying at any sites of intimidation and violence to demonstrate that we will not tolerate racist hatred, intimidation, and violence.

Pledge to #ProtectThePeople and sign up to receive our tools to take action with each other on and after Election Day.

Form by
Waleed Shahid
brooklyn, New York
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