Post Primary Election Survey - Texas

Did you participate in the your Party's Primary Conventions in Texas? If so, we would like to help you engage in the process so that you can be a delegate to your Party's State Convention. This is your opportunity to influence your Party's Platform and encourage inclusion of planks related to marijuana reform.

We ask that you fill out this survey so that we can follow up with you on the next steps to continue your involvement with your affiliated party. Once we close this survey, we will send you an email with additional information on the convention process and next steps on how to continue your involvement.

*Many of these will take place on 3/24/18, but you should contact your party's county chairman to confirm time and location. You must have been selected as a delegate or alternate delegate at your precinct convention to participate in your County or Senate District Convention.

*Most Precinct Conventions are held on election night at your polling location, but others are scheduled for different times. Use the follow links to contact your county chairman if you are not sure about the time or location of your Precinct Convention.

Republican County Chairs

Democrat County Chairs

Libertarian County Chairs

Dates and locations of State Conventions:

April 13-15th, 2018 - Libertarian State Convention (Houston)

June 14-17 - Republican State Convention (San Antonio)

June 21-23 - Democratic State Convention (Fort Worth)

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