PRO-Act Phone Banking


Florida DSA chapters are hosting their own phone-banking campaign in support of the PRO-Act. If you want to know why the PRO-Act is so important, visit the helpful splash page set up by the IUPAT:

The TL;DR is basically that the PRO Act is the most significant pro-labor and pro-union legislation that we have seen in recent years. It stands a real chance of coming into law if it can just pass the Senate, so that's why we need to really flood the mailboxes of the current Democratic holdouts Sinema, Kelly, Manchin, Warner, and King to get them to co-sponsor the bill.

As for what this signifies for Florida DSA chapters in particular, we can learn a lot of really useful skills from hosting this phone bank to generate actions around things that concern us in particular. The anti-protest bill being peddled by governor DeSantis is one that springs to mind.

The event will run from 3PM to 6PM on April 10. We will start with a training session to get you up to speed on how to use the dialer app, and we will also debrief at the end of the session to share all the highs and lows we experienced (you might hear some pretty wild stuff!)

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