Property Tax Appeal Project Interest Form

What is the Property Tax Appeal Project?

The Property Tax Appeal Project, or PTAP, is a FREE legal service. PTAP’s trained legal advocates can help you understand the property tax appeal process and file an appeal.

Why should you appeal your property tax assessment?

Every year, the City of Detroit determines the "assessed value" of your home. Your home's assessed value is used to calculate your property tax bill. If your assessed value is too high, your property tax bill will also probably be too high!

The Michigan Constitution says that your home's assessed value should not be higher than 50% of your home's market value. Market value is how much your home could sell for. For example, if your home is worth $20,000, then the City’s assessed value should be no more than $10,000 (i.e. half of the market value). Learn more about understanding your assessment notice here.

The City over assesses and illegally inflates the taxes for most homes worth $25,000 and less. If your home is worth $25,000 or less, then you should consider protesting your property tax assessment.

Protesting your property taxes with our Project is completely FREE. Our team does most of the work for you and supports you during the whole process!

Am I eligible for PTAP’s services?

PTAP can probably help you if:

  1. Your home is worth $100,000 or less.

  2. You own your home.

  3. You live in your home (We do not help landlords)

How do I sign up for PTAP’s help?

The City of Detroit’s deadline to appeal 2022 tax assessments has already passed, but if you are interested in appealing your 2023 taxes fill out this form. We will begin contacting interested homeowners in August of 2023.

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