Public Power Pledge

We Power DC's public pledge outlines our vision for a publicly-owned energy system. Read the pledge below and click "add your name" to join with people across the DMV in endorsing an energy system that puts people before profit!

DC’s electricity system should serve the public, not private profit. Pepco, our investor-owned electric utility, leaves our low-income neighbors in the dark by shutting off electricity and burdening residents with debt, fails to meet DC’s climate goals, and is unaccountable to public decision making.

We pledge our support for replacing Pepco with a publicly-owned utility that is just, accessible, and sourced from 100% clean energy. We support a new democratic utility system that is directly accountable and transparent to all consumers, utility workers, and those most impacted by climate injustice in the District.

By taking Pepco’s transmission and distribution assets into public ownership, we can power a just energy future for all of DC.

Public power principles:

  • No debt or shutoffs. We envision a system that treats everyone with dignity and fixes energy problems instead of exacerbating them. A not-for-profit power system would make energy a public good and ensure everyone has access to affordable and reliable electricity, regardless of their ability to pay.
  • Fight the climate crisis. Pepco has systematically watered down our climate goals to ensure their profits are safe. We must ensure that we meet this critical moment in the climate crisis by swiftly transitioning to a zero-emission energy system, investing public resources in clean energy and green jobs, and ensuring that the costs for that transition are not passed on to DC’s most vulnerable residents.
  • Democratic multi-stakeholder governance. Everyone–from utility workers to consumers–has a stake in our energy system and deserves a say in our utility’s decisions.