Push for Bipartisan Protection of International Humanitarian Aid


As President Trump's budget proposal is considered in Congress, many vital services are at risk of losing federal funding. One of the top targets: international aid, which saves lives around the world and makes us safer by improving America’s international relations. Since 1990, American international aid has helped reduce deaths of children globally by half.

Last week's U.S. strike on Syria sheds light on the horrifying conditions many children in war-torn regions are facing. UNICEF reports that 8.4 million Syrian children (over 80% of the youth population) have been affected by the conflict; the United Nations estimates tens of thousands of children have died as a result of the war. Lack of basic medical care and other humanitarian resources - provided by U.S. programs - would deal a fatal blow to so many children already at risk. We must remind our elected officials of the grave import of child and maternal survival programs.

Senators Susan Collins (R-ME) and Chris Coons (D-DE) are circulating a bipartisan “Dear Colleague” letter that supports: Maternal and Child Health, Gavi (the global vaccine alliance), and Nutrition. For this week's action, we ask that you please urge your senators to sign on to this letter in support of the "low-cost, high-impact" programs that are so imperative to children and families worldwide.

We have provided a sample email below, adapted from Save the Children:


My name is [INSERT YOUR NAME] and as your constituent, I am asking that you please sign on to a bipartisan Dear Colleague letter being circulated by Sens. Susan Collins (R-ME) and Chris Coons (D-DE) in support of Maternal and Child Health, Gavi (the global vaccine alliance) and Nutrition.

Largely due to United States leadership, since 1990, the deaths of children age 5 and under have been cut in half. Yet, 16,000 children still die each day from preventable causes. I urge you to endorse efforts to maintain the leadership of the United States in preventing deaths of children around the world. Please sign on to the Dear Colleague letter to demonstrate your commitment to funding life-saving programs.

I look forward to your response.”

To find your Senator’s email, you can use this search tool -- just select your state: https://www.senate.gov/senators/contact/

Once you have completed the above action, please fill out this quick form!

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