Join us for our Broward for Progress monthly meeting

When democracy is under attack, what do you do?

Organize, connect with like-minded folks, and fight for the rule of law!

Most of us believe that no matter what we look like or where we live, we should be able to provide for our families and get the care we need. People across our country are now struggling to make ends meet or watching our loved ones suffer while people caring for us do without protective equipment and adequate hospital beds. Despite the pandemic, the economic crisis, and deliberate barriers set to keep Black, young and new Americans from voting, we chose new leaders to deliver relief for working families and small businesses, ensure we can get and stay well, and govern for us all. And now we expect our lawmakers to do their duty and put in place real solutions — to not merely tackle the crises the last government created — but to make this a place where all of us can thrive.

Join us for our next meeting, Sunday February 7th at 8pm where we will be discussing:

Democracy and the transition of power

2021 Pillar Issues: democracy reforms, declaration of Racism as a public health issue, decarcerate Broward, and Healthcare is an Act of Love.

Please join us for our next meeting. When we connect, share stories, and fight for one another, we build community and bonds that can withstand assaults of authoritarianism. Our love of community and common connection on progressive issues is strengthened when we come together as a community. Join us to learn what is happening on a local and state level and how we can affect change in our community.

Happy to be on the front lines with you fighting for human rights, civil liberties, racial justice, immigrant rights, and other social justice issues!

Laurie Woodward Garcia

Broward for Progress co-leader

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